An investigation into senior secondary school

An Investigation into Physics Teaching in Senior High Schools

This study sought to investigate what kind of practices exists in relation to physics classrooms of SHS in Ghana. In this case, it is believed that if genuine and helpful interaction exists between the teacher and students, the students will be able to inform teachers what they find difficult in physics thereby reducing the difficulties they students encounter Adeyemo,p.

The study adopted descriptive survey and ex-post- facto research designs. Comparatively, majority of the candidates performed better in biology and chemistry than in physics WAEC, Trigonometry Questions 15 — 21, Q. Babalola [ 4 ] viewed mathematics as a basic tool in the development of science based knowledge such as technology, industry and even for sound analytical reasoning in daily living in a modern society such as ours.

The table below shows the general performance of boys and girls in Mathematical concepts, principles, terms and symbols.

European Journal of Educational Studies, 4 2 The means and standard deviation for boys and girls were calculated in each topic of the test as well as the total scores for the overall performance.

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It also investigated the perceptions of teachers and students on the school provision of supportive facilities to aid the Eko Project training.

Science of counting, number, quantity and space; Study of abstractions and their relationships etc. T-test and Multivariate Analysis of Variance statistical tools were used to test the hypotheses.

Therefore, a sample of all the six schools were taken, been the only option left which is in accordance with the advice of Fox on purposeful sampling technique.

This topics have the following characteristics: The Journal of Mathematical Association of Nigeria, 24 1: This is followed by discussion of the philosophy of economics education as practised in the west, in order to view the South African economics curriculum against this background.

The problem of this study is therefore concerned with investigating Senior secondary School Students performance in Mathematical concepts, principles, terms and symbols as contained in Algebra, trigonometry and Statistics in Sokoto State.

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Senior Thesis 1

Poor intuitive problem solving ability due to deliberate avoidance of non- numerical variables. Hence, there is the need to identify the difficult topics in the senior secondary mathematics curriculum so as to ensure that corrective measures are taken to facilitate and improve performance.

According to Adegboye Mathematics is one of the core subjects in both Junior and Senior Secondary School curricula in Nigeria, which justifies the recognition of Mathematics as being essential in the development of technological advancement in Nigeria.

It also shows that, an F value of 0. No wonder Mathematics is a compulsory subject at primary and secondary school levels, though, not all the student are expected to become Mathematicians, but because of it application in everyday life [ 13 ].

The result is presented in table 3 below. The storage phase and iv. Teachers' perception of teaching as correlates of students' academic performance in Oyo State, Nigeria.

The nature of the schools attended by Mathematics student teachers does not have a significant influence on their perceived difficulty levels of the topics. Teacher factors and mathematics achievement of Cambodian Urban primary school pupils. Sunshine International Publications Nig.

Hence, the need for the study. These imply that secondary school students are encountering difficulties in learning of Mathematics. Internet Educational Information on Diagnosis. This has a lot of implication for the educational requirements of higher institutions where credit passes are the basic considerations for further learning in the areas of science and technology.

A summary of the analysis of the t-test is presented in the table 5 below. Topics such as thermal physics where heat and temperature are to be discussed in section two. It is also the process by which the latent abilities of individuals are developed so that they may be useful to themselves and the society Olaniyonu, Adekoya and Gbenu, Few student attempts such questions and they are usually found in part two of theory papers and carry more well as taking the researchers' special interest in the topic into account, the following research questions were postulated for the present study.


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Overall, is there any statistically significant difference between characteristics of Iranian EFL teachers of senior secondary schools and those of private language institutes? 2.

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Attitude of Secondary Students towards Mathematics and its Relationship to Achievement in Mathematics. secondary school student should study mathematics N. R. Patel, “An investigation into the Mathematical. An Investigation into Senior High School Students’ Difficulties and Understanding in Naming Inorganic Compounds by IUPAC Nomenclature.

International Journal of Scientific Research in. Effect of Home Background on the Academic Performance of Senior Secondary School Students - Free download as Word Doc .doc /.docx), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free.

CAREER ASPIRATIONS: AN INVESTIGATION OF SENIOR entrance into, the effort made to ensure progression including acquisition of further training, awareness level of contemporary high profile careers by Senior Secondary School students in Ogun State, Nigeria. Literature Review. The Senior Secondary School teachers and students were involved as population for the study.

teachers and a credit pass in Mathematics are qualified to seek for admission into the University and other allied tertiary institutions. This is worrisome. Thus, the study sought the views of teachers and students on the causes of inadequate.

An investigation into senior secondary school
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