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At the same time, he received an offer from Cal Eng. If this does happen, the marriage will probably end. On a positive note, OD field in Canada is less competitive and therefore provides more options than in California.

They need to be able to give and receive emotional support. It is enjoyable for both partners to be in a relationship with someone interesting and smart.

With both people working in the marriage, they can assume that each will have different goals, aspirations, and missions. This demonstrates they are traditional within the marriage, although Karen has an untraditional career. The advantages of this option are the increases in pay and the ability to remain in California.

For example, will each maintain their own income or is it pooled together. Talking about what will happen if Karen becomes pregnant is important Dual career marriages essay they must take time to discuss this issue. Where as his father was a business man that earned a high income, allowing the family to live in a comfortable home with a luxury lifestyle.

This will allow him to remain in California and close to his parents. This will allow Karen to accept the position with Randle Corporation and permit Ross to remain close to his family.

Karen and Ross must consider who will be responsible for managing the funds. However, Karen considers Canadian culture to be slower than U. The division of responsibilities should not leave one feeling as if they are holding down two jobs. At this time, a utility firm has offered her a position and the Bank of Ontario has interviewed her for a junior position.

In addition, this will allow Karen to further her career. As there are many different types of marriage, there are also different roles of marriages. Instead, he could remain at his present job while looking for another.

Unfortunately, this is probably not what Ross will choose. Another concern is the increase in money they will earn. However, Ross can probably convince her of the benefits that exist in Toronto.

Today, jobs are demanding and stressful.

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From this, they should decide together what Ross should do. Research has identified numerous variables that affect the stability of a marriage.

As California Randle Corporation has offered Karen a position, this will provide her with the opportunity to further her career.

The advantages of this option are the increases in pay and the ability to remain in California. In Junea Canadian utility company asked Karen to consider the possibility of joining their company.

First, employers expect employees to work sixty to seventy hours a week, leaving little time for oneself.Essay on Employers Must Recognize the Challenges of a Dual Career Family - Transition from Traditional Career Households to Dual Career Households has reflected immense roping between requirements of Work and Family.

Dual-career couples have unique problems for which Extension programs may help provide solutions. Further, all indications are that the number of couples choosing this lifestyle will continue to increase.

How Two-Career Couples Stay Happy. % of all American married couples are dual-career couples. our marriages and careers are two of the most important parts of our lives, and making. Introduction: Dual career couple is a common term used for marriages who both wife and husband have careers and work outside home.

The challenges faced by these couples has been purpose of study for HR managers, as they are more complex that those that traditional couples face. Dual-career marriages refer to those marriages in which. a. In dual-career families, household chores are usually assigned to Essay: Give several concrete examples of how disagreements might occur in a marriage if the husband and wife have reasonable but different expectations of each other’s role.1/5(2).

Dual-Career Marriages Essay - The decision of married women to diligently pursue a career comparable to their husbands has redefined traditional spousal roles forever. Dual-career couples are increasing in number constantly, as more and more women decide that they want to accomplish ambitions they have created for themselves before, if not.

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