Essay on advantages and disadvantages of beauty contest

In fact, the young girl may be eyed as a potential target by psychopaths and freaks. The most obvious detrimental effect of beauty pageants is enforcing an inappropriate body perception for men and women. They swarm around her like honey bees while other women turn their heads and look at her enviously.

A true woman is one who takes pride not just in her own achievements but in the achievements of her family as well. A bulging one hundred and sixty billion dollar-a-year industry has to be fuelled and kept going.

Parents Take Over Beauty pageants are often attended because the child has an interest in them, but sometimes, especially with younger girls, the enthusiasm for the competition begins to lie more with the parents than the entrant herself. An aggressive debate ensues with some supporting children to be a part of beauty pageants and many others negating this kind of exposure to children.

There have been several incidents of children who have faced irritations and expressed their discomfort in the application of a series of makeup items so as to looking beautiful Phang.

They also add that intelligence, if judged, is only measured at the pageant night itself. Despite proclaimed gender equality, physical attractiveness including sexual remains one of the major requirements for women today FAR.

Despite differences in culture and religion, people come together to witness a glamorous event. Such beauty pageants do not have any formulated rules and regulations and this is one of the main reasons for these pageants to adversely impact young girls.

Another perception issue arises from the very nature of beauty contests—the objectification of women. Pageants Are Social Beauty pageants are competitions, but they're also social events where the participants will have plenty of time to talk to each other, share in their common interest and hopefully make new friends.

USA Today25 September Works Cited Banet-Weiser, S. Is she someone who has the perfect hour glass figure created by strenuous exercise and diet and cellulite chiseling off?

Such pressure can antagonize relationships between parents and their daughters. Though pageants represent the absolute minority of the society, their appearances set high, unrealistic standards for how women of all ages should look like Miss America. These girls are very small and do not have the opportunity to cast their vote or voice their opinion and hence are easily targeted to take part in child beauty pageants.

In fact, a complete lack of regulations implies that such pageants function according to the discretion of organizers Healy. Feelings of inadequacy can stay with an individual, influencing her self-perception well into adulthood. Keeping this in mind, most beauty pageants permit excessive use of make-up, competition and sexuality, which adversely impacts young girls.

Many organizations that sponsor beauty pageants support charities and create projects for the environment. Damage to Ego Beauty contests focus on physical attractiveness as a primary competitive feature, which can leave competitors who regularly do not perform well feeling physically inadequate.

She gives unconditionally, loves beyond reason, and forgives you time and time again.

Advantages Of Beauty Contests

Since beauty pageant contestants are often required to speak to an audience or even perform a demonstration of a talent, shy girls are placed in the spotlight and may find that this environment forces them to be more extroverted.

It becomes a channel to reach and help despondent communities around the world. For girls who have recently arrived in a new area or just want to meet new people, beauty pageants are one way of branching out. Essay on Beauty Contests Article shared by How many times have we subjected ourselves to it??

This includes eating too little food to stay healthy or regurgitating food once eaten. There are other pageants that do offer cash prizes and can really help the contestant fund their passion. People are usually shy and reserved. Girls, as young as eleven months, take part in beauty pageants and it is the sole decision of their parents to make them participate in these pageants.

Invariably, the mother is responsible for grooming the child. You need to look beautiful in this era where people are judgmental. Another harmful cause of participating in beauty pageants is that, some girls discontinue studies in order to keep on participating in such pageants and begin their career as a model.

The nature of beauty pageants has thus drawn some criticism.

Why are Beauty Contests Harmful?

Can Become Shallow and Overconfident One downside of being in beauty pageants is the chance that you can become shallow and hung up on the beauty part of it all. Confidence Building For shy girls, entry into a beauty pageant can be intimidating, but it may be the incentive they need to overcome their fear of social situations and thus develop greater confidence as a result.List of Disadvantages of Beauty Pageants.

1. Contestants spend a lot of money for a chance at the crown. Women have to pay for dress, makeup and hair and all the money spent on these things just go away when they don’t make it anywhere near the Top Essay on Beauty Contests.

Article shared by. Beauty pageants are a consumerist celebration at best. There are new titles and crowns to be won. A bulging one hundred and sixty billion dollar-a-year industry has to be fuelled and kept going. Words Essay on Fashion and the Beauty Industry in India ; Short Essay on Woman.

Short Article. Beauty Essay Sample: Are Beauty Contests a Good Thing For Young Girls?

4 Advantages and Disadvantages of Beauty Pageants

Posted on May 29, by EssayShark One of the most controversial issues surrounding beauty pageants is engaging children, especially young girls to take part in such activities. Beauty Pageants Essay Examples. 7 total results.

The Impact of Beauty Pageants on the Mental States of Young Children and Teens Participating in Them.

Essay on Beauty Contests

words. 2 pages. The Downside of Allowing Children to Compete in Beauty Pageants. 1, words. 3 pages. 9 Big Beauty Pageants Pros and Cons All around the world beauty pageants of all calibers are held for women, and sometimes men, to compete in looks, clothing, and talent competitions.

It is an entire industry in itself, and ever since the 19th century it has been booming. The disadvantages of beauty pageants are most dangerous for children, as taking part in these contests often drains their families financially and teaches participants that self-value comes from outward appearance.

The lesson that their attractiveness is their only important characteristic leads to.

Essay on advantages and disadvantages of beauty contest
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