Ocean floor project

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Plate tectonics can be viewed as the surface expression of mantle convection. The capture vehicle was lowered and raised on a pipe string similar to those used on oil drilling rigs. B By the end of grade 2.

Ocean Floor Models

Reed also details how the mini-sub technology used by the Ocean floor project Halibut to find K was used for subsequent Operation Ivy Bells missions to wiretap underwater Soviet communications cables. On board the ship, a processing plant will churn out a multitude of specks of copper and gold that could be worth billions.

The weapons and top-secret code books were surely beyond reach. But then disaster struck. The Russians failed to find their sub despite a massive search, but an American network of underwater listening posts had detected the noise of an explosion that eventually led US teams to the wreck.

But perhaps their most unexpected find came from the seabed.

Modular Home Floor Plans

The American SOSUS Sea Spider hydrophone network in the northern Pacific was tasked with reviewing its recordings in the hope of detecting an implosion or explosion related to such a loss.

March Main article: Construct a diorama in the box with all the parts of the ocean floor, such as the continental shelf, continental slope and continental rise.

It was one of the contractors secretly hired by the CIA to retrieve the Soviet submarine — and it has remained genuinely interested in manganese nodules ever since.

The rock record reveals that events on Earth can be catastrophic, occurring over hours to years, or gradual, occurring over thousands to millions of years.

It contrasts its work with mines on land where trees and topsoil are swept away across vast areas. Cut off one of the long sides of the shoe box with a pair of scissors, allowing you to see the contours of the ocean floor.

To convince them that Howard Hughes was genuinely interested in nodules, executives were despatched to conferences on ocean mining where they described in detail their plans to harvest the rocks.

As with most fields of vents, this one is astonishingly rich in valuable metals. All pictures on this website can be used for educational purposes with reference to this site, except for the posted presentations.

The secret on the ocean floor

They assume that the massive mining machines might be as wide as five bulldozers, side-by-side, advancing over the sea floor. The convention aims at preventing looting and the destruction or loss of historic and cultural information by providing an international legal framework.

Things did not go smoothly. This could affect marine life far beyond the mining site. There may also be rivers, streams, lakes, and ponds. Houston worked for the mysterious "Mr.

By contrast, the Solwara 1 mine, in the waters off Papua New Guinea, will be small — ft m across and 65ft 20m deep. That would have been hard enough.Ocean Floor - Clay Sand and Dirt Mods. Download Is it possible to completely replace all gravel to sand at ocean floor and at beaches?

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Fifth Grade Ocean Floor Project

. The real target of the crew on board this giant ship was a lost Soviet submarine. Six years earlier, the K had sunk 1, miles north-west of Hawaii while carrying ballistic nuclear missiles.

Project Azorian

One of our standards states that students should model the features of the ocean floor. Last year, I decided to incorporate the modeling process into a project.

OCEAN FLOOR - There was a recent assignment to create a model of the ocean floor in one of the elementary grades. The Library was able to find some good labeled illustrations to help with that.

Hope all the students came up with some fantastic models! You haven't seen the ocean floor like this before Ocean Floor Geophysics Learn More. The ocean floor can be as foreign to students as the moon's surface. According the Office of Naval Research, the ocean floor is actually similar to the land on Earth, with mountains, valleys and even volcanoes.

Ocean floor project
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