The role of enterpreneur in nigeria


Time has been a major constraint that has militated against the realization of the objectives of the research; especially as the researcher had to carry it out in the midst of academic pressure. It was only where the big boys refused to go, and that was in Africa. Now, the same can be said of the financial services sector, where we have had major reform [and] consolidation.

Getting venture capital to finance entrepreneurial endeavor in Nigeria is very difficult because of the political and economic instability.

That is what telecom has brought to Nigeria. According to him, entrepreneur manages the business alone with the help of one or two aids usually the family members. Unlike what I have seen in the last The role of enterpreneur in nigeria weeks while I have been here in Philadelphia, most people wanting to start a business will look for a partner, somebody with equity.

From every points listed and explained above, we can see the importance of entrepreneurship in the economic development of Nigeria.

Role of entrepreneurship in economic development of Nigeria

The absence of infrastructure facilities for smooth running of the business example, regular and electricity supply, a functioning telephone system which could reduce the number of times the entrepreneur is on the road, good roads etc.

What problems do entrepreneurs encounter in setting up their business? Then, if it works, the two of you are happy, and we are happy because we have been able to make the two of you come together.

Even that might be too high at the beginning. He said entrepreneur employs all types of workers and put them at the places where they are most suited by virtue of education and training.

It was very tough for him.

Entrepreneurship Development in Nigeria – Its Problems and Prospects

And cash flow is no longer theoretical paperwork in class anymore, but they can actually see the implication in the life of a small-businessperson that they are working with. August 28, by articles 52 Comments Entrepreneurship Development in Nigeria — Its Problems and Prospects Entrepreneurship Development in Nigeria — The entrepreneur plays a vita role in the process of economic growth and development.

Despite the widespread use of technology and socially-relevant business models within the country, very few Nigerians are willing to accept them. Entrepreneurs are bold men and woman who have initiative and the ability to lead, manage and take the consequences. According to horn by [ Wealth is created for the entrepreneurs and also distributed to the public in the form of employment, goods, and services.

The Nigerian government has also put in place a program that promotes exports from Nigeria to other countries, which can be exceedingly helpful for entrepreneurs looking to do business in Europe or in the United States Singh,p. To stress the need for adequate planning before starting up a business venture so that the business will not fail.

An entrepreneur is one of the factors of production that co-ordinates and organizes other factors of production land, labour and capital in order to produce goods and render services to members of the public, he or she bears the risk and take major decision on the business, risk the capital by setting up the business with the sole aim of obtaining maximum profit.

This inability of an entrepreneur to provide tangible collateral securities for loans make him a misfit in the competitive struggle for limited funds in our snappy economy [Onuoha B. While Nigeria continues to experience its share of social, economic, and political upheavals, the current government -- pushing a series of policy initiatives in the financial sectors of the economy -- has taken significant steps toward attaining the future it is looking for in terms of an increased position on the world stage Onwubiko,p.

So then he set up there, in Sudan, in Zimbabwe, in — now I think they are in 15 countries, including Nigeria. The more SMEs a country has, the more likely it will attain progress. One of the biggest challenges for any entrepreneur is access to capital. All these result to eventually loss turnover and loss revenue.

This is why the Govt. Now, the issue of managing the reserves came up. Let me just offer one specific example. In terms of development, countries with strong entrepreneurial backgrounds have had the capacity to both develop quickly and maintain a significant economic standing in both the international and their respective domestic markets.

In every entrepreneurship development, the entrepreneur is one person management team. He also noted that during the colonial period, only few of Nigerians could boast of personal or family capital to start off any meaningful business and hence the next place of call for business and financial was bank.

Role of Entrepreneurs in Nigeria's Development&nbspEssay

Trade and the utilization of services were seen as commodities to be exchanged, bartered for, and purchased. Community development requires infrastructure for education and training, healthcare, and other public services.

The majority of entrepreneurs in the country are operating in the capital city of Abuja. Entrepreneurs make use of the resources in a country to produce more goods and services and added value. Often developing nations adopt excellent policies and guidelines that could, if well implemented, change the futures of their citizens but alas, they are very often not followed through.

Telecoms was a major one, and the South African companies started entering, but we had local entrepreneurs in Nigeria that also took up the challenge. We need to take entrepreneurship to Africa, not just Nigeria, but to Africa.

Over the years, a high level of entrepreneurship is what has led to the economic development of many nations we see today.the role of women entrepreneur in business development in nigeria (a case study of selected business in owerri municipal). The real exchange rate and Nigeria agricultural exports-one of the most dramatic events in Nigeria over the past decade was devaluation of the Nigeria naira with adoption of a.

THE ROLE OF ENTREPRENEUR IN THE DEVELOPMENT OF NIGERIA. CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION. BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY; Entrepreneurship begins with action, the creation of a new organization including the antecedents to its creation, scanning the environment for opportunities, identification of the opportunities to be pursued, the evaluation of the feasibility and.

Entrepreneurship Development in Nigeria – Its Problems and Prospects

The Role of Entrepreneurship in Economic Development: The Nigerian Perspective The aim of the paper is to develop and analyse the contributions of entrepreneurship in the economic development through SME development in Nigeria.

development in Nigeria, the problems of entrepreneurship and how these have threatened the role of entrepreneurship in stimulating economic growth, many links have been discussed. It is of the utmost importance in carrying out innovations and enhancing rivalry.

Entrepreneurship is the. News ★ What is entrepreneurship? And what's the role of entrepreneurship in economic development of Nigeria? Find answers to these questions in this article. Check out all the trending Latest news news in Nigeria & world right now on They concluded that funding of SMEs in Nigeria is very critical if they are to perform their role of growth and development of the nation’s economy.

Muritala, Awolaja and Bako () investigated Small and Medium Enterprises as a veritable tool in Economic.

The role of enterpreneur in nigeria
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