The violation of women rights through the preservation of groups culture in is multiculturalism bad

However, simply identifying one oppression as being more important is not enough. Rights Curtailed, Rights Ignored There are potentially negative implications for many groups when traditional values trample on human rights—but they are not always the same.

As mentioned above, these differences are conceptual and, in practice, cultural groups are characterized by a variety of features and not just one.

A raped woman is a used item. Consider Eve, whose weakness led Adam astray.

The Trouble With Tradition

A Plea for Complementariness, Ethical Perspectives 20, no. The indoctrination of specific gender roles in religious private schools is one of those examples.

However, even though this demand for equal citizenship is usually what polyethnic groups aspire to, this is not always the case. Okin peremptorily forecloses such inquiries. Hence, according to this view, it is not possible to clearly demarcate the boundaries of cultures because they share a number of practices and beliefs.

But government limited by the principle of toleration does not leave religious authorities absolutely free. With regards to the second premise, the criticism contends that it is false to say that there is internal homogeneity inside a group in terms of needs, interests and beliefs.

Although the argument for autonomy only applies to national minorities, this argument based on equality refers to national minorities and polyethnic groups. An assistance measure would be having people speak both Spanish and Catalan at public institutions, so that they can serve people from the minority as well the minority language group.

It should be the case that a minority gets heard within a liberal society but that does not simultaneously include the right for exemptions. Sam does not have the economic resources to study, but John has. First, the sphere of personal, sexual, and reproductive life provides a central focus of most cultures, a dominant theme in cultural practices and rules.

In this way cultures could be seen as preconditions for misogyny. Namely, they are localized in the Punjab region of India. A lot of affirmative action would be needed to really make sure that minorities within minorities including women are not discriminated in the private sphere.


There is active debate about introducing similar legislation that cynically links homosexuality and child abuse, in Moscow and on a federal level. Self-interest means that individuals tend to maximize what is valuable for them.

It should be noted that Kymlicka himself does not argue for extensive or permanent group rights for those who have voluntarily immigrated.rights and interests of vulnerable group members within communities has been brought to the forefront of various countries’ public policies, thanks to the recent global socio-political movement toward a.

Cultural appropriation

In short, most cultures are patriarchal, but those demand group rights are especially so, as most of the “issues” surrounding cultural group rights turns out to be the control of women in the name of preserving the tradition.

At one point Okin even suggests that not all. Multiculturalism sacrifices individual rights to group rights Multiculturalism, in many instances, provides groups with, essentially, its own category of laws and rights, distinct from those applied to other individuals. This undermines the notion of universal individual rights, and is likely to lead to serious problems with legal consistency.

Shachar argues that the problem of a uniform civil code is that it “clearly does not encourage the preservation of nomoi groups through the I discuss the role of oppression in a general framework of group rights in my “Land, Culture “Is Multiculturalism Bad for Women?” in Is Multiculturalism Bad for Women?


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Matthew Howard. The reason groups sometimes may need these rights is that the kind of autonomy they give is a necessary condition by which individuals can develop their cultures, which is in the best interest of a culture’s members. Feminism vs. Multiculturalism: Are cultural group rights enforcing patriarchy and foreclosing equal rights for men and women?

Group Rights and Legal Pluralism

This paper wants to examine if the two concepts of feminism and multiculturalism in a liberal society are contradicting.

The violation of women rights through the preservation of groups culture in is multiculturalism bad
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