Thirty years war and louis xiv

Nevertheless, excellent results were achieved: The principal taxes included the aides and douanes both customs dutiesthe gabelle a tax on saltand the taille a tax on land.

Chamber of Commerce for Marseilles. The effect of the formation of the second league the Rheinbund was at once apparent: In India the French east India company was permitted to keep 5 trading posts but was to keep out of native politics.

Louis XIV takes part in war against Spain on northern, north-eastern and eastern frontiers of France. Her rationales for choosing Mazarin were mainly his ability and his total dependence on her, at least until when she was no longer regent.

Ferdinand's election alarmed Bohemian Calvinists, who feared the loss of their religious rights. Additionally, Mazarin's relations with Marie Mancini were not good, and he did not trust her to support his position. During the early stages of the conflict, the Swedes won several notable victories.

Emperor Ferdinand II called on Wallenstein to form a new army.

Peace of the Pyrenees

This war determined the future of Prussia. Moreover, a mob of angry Parisians broke into the royal palace and demanded to see their king. This radically altered the balance of power in Europe and resulted in reduced influence over political affairs for the Catholic Church, as well as other religious groups.

Secret partition-treaty with Leopold 1 for the Spanish inheritance. All of Louis' tears and his supplications to his mother did not make her change her mind; the Spanish marriage was very important both for its role in ending the war between France and Spain, and because many of the claims and objectives of Louis' foreign policy in the next 50 years would be based on this marriage.

Attempts to establish lieutenant-generals of police also in provincial towns.

Thirty Years’ War

The terms of this treaty included: Parma was ceded to Spain from Austria 4. Ferdinand secured the assistance of Albrecht von Wallensteinwho raised an independent army of 50, Nov 1, Birth of Louis, Dauphin of France.

Louis moves his court and central administration to Versailles. One occurs in the first half of the 17th century and the other in the middle of the 18th century. Louis exiled his mother to Bloisand in —20 she raised two unsuccessful rebellions. Construction of the arsenal at Brest and the port of Rochefort.

Peace negotiations began inbut made little progress until the death of Cardinal Richelieu in and the French occupation of Bavaria in Greation of post of leutenant-general of Paris minister for Paris with a great variety of responsibilities.

Louis XIII

French preferential duties aimed at Dutch sugar refineries. Gustavus Adolphus But inSweden, under the leadership of Gustavus Adolphus, took the side of the northern Protestants and joined the fight, with its army helping to push Catholic forces back and regain much of the lost territory lost by the Protestant Union.

Pre-revolutionary France was a patchwork of legal systems, with as many legal customs as there were provinces, and two co-existing legal traditions— customary law in the north and Roman civil law in the south.

Furthermore, they believed their traditional influence and authority was being usurped by the recently ennobled bureaucrats the Noblesse de Robe, or "nobility of the robe"who administered the kingdom and on whom the monarchy increasingly began to rely.

Louis exiled his mother to Bloisand in —20 she raised two unsuccessful rebellions. Reform proved difficult because the taille was levied by officers of the Crown who had purchased their post at a high price: Although it sanctioned slavery, it attempted to humanise the practice by prohibiting the separation of families.

Consequently, the state always received far less than what the taxpayers actually paid. The Fronde years planted in Louis a hatred of Paris and a consequent determination to move out of the ancient capital as soon as possible, never to return. France annexed part of Alsace and some nearby territory.

The members of that council were called ministers of state. Engraving of Louis XIV To support the reorganized and enlarged army, the panoply of Versailles, and the growing civil administration, the king needed a good deal of money.

This belief intensified the nobles' resentment. Both councillors fell into a pile of manure, and suffered only minor injuries.Louis XIII, byname Louis the Just, French Louis le Juste, (born September 27,Fontainebleau, France—died May 14,Saint-Germain-en-Laye), king of France from towho cooperated closely with his chief minister, the Cardinal de Richelieu, to make France a leading European power.

The Thirty Years War () Effects of the Thirty Years War The Thirty Years War () devastated the German economy. Population decreased from 20 to million. Thousands of castles, villages and cities were destroyed.

The greatest model for an absolute monarch was Louis XIV of France (also known as the Sun King). As the Thirty Years' War came to an end, a civil war known as the Fronde (after the slings used to smash windows) erupted in France.

It effectively checked France's ability to exploit the Peace of Westphalia. Coat of arms of Louis XIV of France Notes Upon his accession to the throne Louis assumed the royal coat of arms of France & Navarre. The newProtestant leader became King Gustavus Adolphus (r.

) of Sweden. In the summer ofthe Swedes moved into Germany. Later in the year, France and Sweden signed an alliance, and France entered the war against the Hapsburgs. The Thirty Years' War had begun primarily as a German conflict over religious issues.

Louis XIII

Start studying Chapter Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Search. Most of the fighting during the Thirty Years War took place in.

Germanic lands. Gustavus Adolphus. An uprising in France that Healy overthrew Louis. The Thirty Years’ War was a 17th-century religious conflict fought primarily in central Europe.

It remains one of the longest and most brutal wars in human history, with more than 8 million.

Thirty years war and louis xiv
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